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How to charge, reset and connect Earbuds?

by Mian Imran Javaid 30 Jan 2023 0 Comments

If you came here looking for information regarding how to charge, reset and connect AI-20/ i12 Earbuds then this means you are new to the experience of using AI-20/ i12 Earbuds. This is why we would first like to tell you why you should buy airpods in the first place so that you will have an overall idea of why you are investing in AI-20/ i12 Earbuds.

A Handy Device With No Strings Attached

If you ask us, AI-20/ i12 Earbuds are one of the most wanted and handy gadgets these days. Inna fast tech world where people need to multitask, AirPods actually help you a lot. They let you listen to calls, play music and even record voice memos without having to carry your phone in your hand. With AirPods Pro, the distance between your phone and you becomes invalid because they work at a distance of about 1 meter with the help of Bluetooth. So if you’re in the kitchen or in the field playing tennis you can still take calls or listen to music with the help of AirPods Pro.

Can Be Connected To Other Devices Easily

If you’re worried about the connectivity of AI-20/ i12 Earbuds then relax, because AI-20/ i12 Earbuds can be easily connected to any Apple or non apple device. You can connect them to your HP, Dell, Samsung or Toshiba laptops without any problem and you can also connect them to android phones by using Bluetooth. Once the device is paired you can use it as long as your Bluetooth connection is established. 

Are Earbuds Available In Colors Other Than White?

No, Apple only makes white Airpods which is their brand identity. It's a basic to minimal brand with premium features and light colors like White, grey and rose gold when it comes to laptops and accessories. However, they have taken a shift towards color variations in their iPhones, their accessories are still not available in a large variety of colors. You can get AI-20/ i12 Earbuds in white but not in black, but you can put some casing on it to satisfy your aesthetics. 

How to Charge Your Earbuds?

If you want to buy the best Earbuds in the market then Apple Airpods Pro is the company to choose. Not only are these Airpods stylish and great in quality, they are also easy to carry and charge. All you need to do is put your Airpods Pro in the case and connect the case to your regular iPhone charger. The charge will run through the nodes inserted inside the case and charge your Airpods pro for you. When you put the, on charge the case will show you a purplish white light which means the charge is still in process. When the Airpods pro are fully charged, you will see the case showing you a green light. 

How To Connect And Reset Your Earbuds?

To Connect:

Go to bluetooth settings and click find a device, press the button on the back side of your Airpods case to send a connection. Once you find your airpods on the device, click the connect button and that's it!

To reset:

If you wish to reset your Airpods Pro, you can put your Airpods in your ears and open the lid of the charging case, 

Go to Settings > Bluetooth. Or go to Settings  and select your Airpods.

If your AirPods appear there as connected, tap the More Info button  next to your AirPods, tap Forget This Device, then tap again to confirm.

After this you can connect them again using the aforementioned procedure and that's it!

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